MEDITATION — «Outside of time».

The sacrifice for the sins of all people and for each of us individually was made by Jesus Christ around 2 thousand years ago in Israel. How good it is for us, people, that He had decided to come to us first as a sacrificial lamb to suffer for our sins and only after that we can await Him in glory, at the head of the heavenly hosts, as the King of all kings, God Almighty and the just Judge of the dead and the living – all the people in the history of the earth. His sufferings and death are above human history, are outside of time.

In this connection, I would like to draw your attention not so much to philosophical reasoning, but to the true spiritual reality. His sufferings on the cross took place 2 thousand years ago, but even today the same deed is happening all over the earth in the spiritual realm: people continue to betray God, just like Judah did, and exchange eternal life for temporary earthly pleasures for the satisfaction of their lusts. They beat Jesus with the whip of their sins; they put a crown of thorns and the purple robe of their formal religious lives on him; they nail Him to the cross by the disorderly principles of their everyday lives; they mock Him, challenging Him with the breaking of God’s commandments; they give Him vinegar of their perverted interpretation of His holy and eternal Word, justifying their way of life that is displeasing to Him; they pierce and kill Him in their souls by ignoring the voice and the rebuke of the Holy Spirit; they cover themselves with the fig leaves of their good works thinking He would not see their sins and vices behind them. “Prophesy who hit you?!”

God suffers the sins of all humanity for the last almost six thousand years, since creating us, suffers your and my sins because He sacrificed Himself on the cross that became His altar for the sake of our redemption and salvation.

How long will you continue to crucify Christ?!! Thanks be to the love, mercy and grace of our Lord! His holy blood that is pouring out of His wounds caused by us, our sins, iniquities and abominations, also continues to pour from the cross every day and every minute, in order to bring God’s forgiveness and justification to everyone who will sincerely repent before Him and turn from their dark lawless ways to Him, the light of His commandments and truth, to His pure Divine love, opening the heart to His Holy Spirit. All of this continues through eternity, outside of time, throughout human history. The righteous shall live by faith!


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